A statement from the Sacramento Area IWW

This week, Chris Alden, a semi-regular activist in Sacramento and a member of the Sacramento Area Industrial Workers of the World, announced his sympathies for the White Nationalist movement, an abrupt shift from his former claimed anarchist outlook. This, coupled with his views over the last few months growing increasingly at odds with the mission of the IWW, is something we cannot tolerate. 

Nationalism and racial/ethnic supremacy are views completely contradictory and hostile to the working-class unionism and internationalism of the IWW. We stand firmly against racism and racists. As far as the Sacramento IWW group is concerned, Chris Alden is no longer a Fellow Worker, nor is he welcome at our meetings and events. In our next few meetings, we will decide how to add articles to our bylaws expressly declaring our opposition to racial, ethnic, sexual, or national superiority. Due to what has happened this past week, we now feel this is something that must be made explicitly clear, both to members and prospective members.


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4 Responses to A statement from the Sacramento Area IWW

  1. Jeff A. says:

    Greetings Fellow Workers! – the Portland Oregon IWW’s Safer Space rules may be a good addition to your own by-laws and/or generally useful in your endeavor to amend your bylaws. Solidarity!

  2. Chris Askme says:

    Y’all got my last name wrong,but i digress on that.I was never “Anarchist” and even when i spoke of it,i had a hard time trying to contain my laughter as that is all i wanted to actually do.This due to the fact that i merely trying to gain insight into the enemy(I.e the Left side).See in a war,you must know thy enemy and one way to do that is to record their movement and activity.An that is what i did with success as it’s very clear.An for the record,I have been a supporter of White nationalism since the age of 16.An i will forever remain true to core Morals and values and stand strong in defense of our people,culture and heritage an values etc…..Have fun talking shit behind my back,lol…

  3. A Raley’s pharmacy employee messed up on Ellen Berry’s (Wells, Nevada) medication and, rather than admit wrongdoing, this “family-oriented” supermarket did nothing but cover for its derelict employee.

    Ellen was admitted to the emergency room with severe dementia due to untreated Urinary Tract Infection because Chris at the Raley’s Pharmacy in Elko, Nevada, drug her feet on sending out Ellen’s antibiotics. Even though the medication was ordered a week earlier. Postal delivery normally only takes one day. If the medication is sent out.

    Ultimately, Raley’s told Dean Berry that since he didn’t have power of attorney for his Mother, Raley’s would consider the case closed. Raley’s did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to demonstrate that they cared about Mrs. Berry. Their only interest was damage control


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